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What is Ausbildung in Germany?

In Germany, Ausbildung is a vocational training program crucial for career preparation. Open to both German and international students, it spans two to three and a half years, integrating theoretical and practical learning. Successful completion often results in direct employment, with the German government offering support and incentives to encourage students. This respected program serves as an effective pathway to career success, combining theoretical education with practical experience.

Nursing Ausbildung In Germany

Germany has recently declared a pressing need for a significant number of nurses in the coming years to safeguard the lives of its citizens. Germany provides vocational training for nursing, referred to as Ausbildung. The course typically spans approximately three years for international students. The Ausbildung nursing program, spanning three years, ensures individuals acquire the necessary skills through a mix of classroom instruction, clinical training, and practical experience.

The program involves a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on clinical training, practical experience, preparing students comprehensively for the challenges of nursing. Another pathway is the three-year Nursing apprenticeship, offering a hands-on learning experience. Graduates from either program receive a nursing certificate, qualifying them for professional nursing roles in Germany. The strict regulations and thorough training underscore the esteemed status of nursing in the healthcare system.

Why should Indian students choose Ausbildung nursing in Germany?

There is No Tuition Fees

The nursing training in Germany is completely free of charge, which means that international students are not required to pay any fees for their nursing studies. This is truly remarkable, as studying nursing in one’s own country often entails substantial costs just to secure admission into a nursing program. Thus, the fact that nursing education is free in Germany brings immense relief to international students.

Learn and Work

In your nursing classes, you have an excellent opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge, and at the same time, you’ll receive hands-on experience by working regularly in a hospital. This unique approach blends theory with practical exposure, laying a solid foundation for a successful nursing career in the future.

Earn Money

One major advantage of studying nursing in Germany is that you start earning money right from the beginning of your vocational training. Hospitals provide a monthly salary for the work you do as part of your nursing course, easing the financial burden for students and allowing them to cover their monthly expenses without relying on their parents for support.

Residence Permit is Easy in Germany

Being a nurse in Germany is a significant achievement, and you have a higher chance of becoming a permanent resident compared to individuals in other professions. Germany values your contribution and aims to retain skilled professionals like you. They don’t want you to leave because they recognize the importance of having you in the country. You’ll receive immense respect and numerous opportunities to establish a long-term presence in Germany, so remember that as you pursue your career.

High Demand for Nurses

Germany is facing a significant concern as there is a larger proportion of elderly people compared to the younger population. To address the well-being of the aging population, Germany urgently requires a substantial number of nurses who can safeguard and care for its citizens. Whether you are an experienced nurse or just beginning your nursing career, Germany warmly welcomes individuals like you to contribute your services and make a positive impact on the healthcare system.

Requirements For Nursing Ausbildung In Germany

  • The candidate should be Plus Two passed.
  • German Language B2 level completed
  • 18-26 years of age.

How To Apply For Nursing Ausbildung In Germany

• Schedule an appointment with us.

• Wait for the counselor’s call.

• The counselor will assist you through the admission process.

• Complete the application form.

• Submit copies of your passport and required documents.

• Receive your admission letter.


• Clearing B2 level
• Document verification
• First round of interview
• Interview preparation classes
• Employer Interview
• Receiving Offer Letter
• Applying for VISA
• Accommodation arrangements and Pre-departure arrangements
• Receiving VISA
• Travel to GERMAN

Services We Provide

• Certificate attestation and translation
• City registration
• Bank account opening assistance
• Vaccination booking
• Accommodation booking
• Visa appointment assistance
• Ticket booking assistance
• Airport pickup and drop-off
• Interview preparation
• Motivation letter drafting assistance
• Post landing services
• Insurance paperwork assistance

Is Ausbildung considered a degree?

Ausbildung is a vocational diploma accompanied by practical work experience.

Who is eligible for the Ausbildung Nursing program in Germany?

Candidates are typically required to have completed their education up to the equivalent of 12th grade and possess a strong command of the German language. Additionally, applicants must hold a valid residence permit in Germany and fall within the age range of 18 to 26 years.

What is the maximum age allowed for enrolling in the Ausbildung nursing program in Germany?

The age criteria for undertaking an Ausbildung in nursing in Germany is between 18 and 24 years old.

Is it possible to pursue an Ausbildung program in Germany in English?

Absolutely not! All Ausbildung programs in Germany are conducted in German, and proficiency in the language is essential.

Is Ausbildung acknowledged in other nations?

Upon completing the nursing Ausbildung in Germany and passing the required exam, you attain the status of a Registered Nurse. With this qualification, you are eligible to work internationally.