Unlock Opportunities with Our Comprehensive German Migration Services


We provide tailored nursing opportunities for experienced nurses looking to broaden their horizons.

And an Ausbildung Programme tailored for those who wish to study nursing while simultaneously working as nurses. With our expert guidance and personalized support, navigate seamlessly through the complexities of migration and embark on a fulfilling journey toward a successful nursing career in Germany.


German Nursing Opportunities Await!

 Start a successful career journey with our expert help designed for nurses who want to work in Germany and nearby countries. We provide full support for your placement, including language classes, certified translations, visa process and help with recognizing your professional qualifications. We have strong relationships with healthcare sectors in Germany, making your career transition smooth and easy.

Eligibility Requirements for Nursing:

Mandatory Criteria:

Qualifications: GNM Diploma or a BSc/MSc in Nursing.

Language Proficiency: Demonstrated proficiency at the B2 level in German, verified through certifications such as GOETHE, TELC, or OSD.

Working Hours: In Germany, the standard workweek consists of 40 hours, usually scheduled from Monday to Friday with rotating shifts. Occasionally, weekend work may be necessary, but compensatory days off are provided. Employees earn a 100% salary supplement for working on Sundays, and additional pay is awarded for night shifts.

Remunerations: The average nursing remuneration before Anerkennung, registration will be €2800-€3000. After registration, it will be approximately €3600-€5100.

Nursing Ausbildung with Stipend

Experience a transformative journey with our engaging nursing Ausbildung program – an exclusive occupational training opportunity meticulously designed for nursing professionals.

Ausbildung is a form of vocational training or apprenticeship where students can attend work and school at the same time. This distinctive program seamlessly integrates comprehensive classroom instruction with hands-on practical knowledge, providing a dynamic pathway to advanced education without the burden of tuition fees. What sets us apart is our commitment to your financial well-being, as this program also includes a stipend for added support. As you embark on this enriching experience, rest assured that our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way, offering housing support, translation and visa and expert guidance through essential formalities. Your seamless transition into the nursing profession is our priority, ensuring you’re well-prepared for a successful and fulfilling career.


Eligibility Requirements for Nursing Ausbildung

Mandatory Criteria:

Higher Secondary Certificate in any Stream

Language Proficiency: Demonstrated proficiency at the B2 level in German, verified through certifications such as GOETHE, TELC, or OSD.

Stipend: An approximate stipend of 950-1500 Euro per month.


Why Choose Germany?

Germany presents a compelling destination for individuals seeking employment opportunities abroad. With its high employment rates, job seekers find fertile ground for their career aspirations. The country offers excellent qualification opportunities through renowned universities and vocational training programs, ensuring a skilled workforce. Prioritizing work-life balance, Germany fosters an environment where professionals can thrive both in their careers and personal lives. Robust job and social security systems provide a safety net, offering peace of mind to workers. Moreover, Germany’s reputation for high pay rates ensures fair compensation for employees’ contributions. Generous benefits like paid holidays and sick leave contribute to overall well-being, allowing individuals to recharge when needed. Additionally, the country’s maternity and parental leave policies demonstrate its commitment to supporting families and nurturing future generations. Overall, Germany stands out as an attractive destination for those seeking a fulfilling career path alongside a high quality of life.